FLY IN,比利时,列日

Aero Gravity Tunnel srl,意大利,米兰

圆形玻璃飞行室的直径为5.2m、高度为5m - 具有5.2m最大直径与新型玻璃飞行室的风洞之首次安装。这是本公司第一配有自给冷却系统、防湍流器新设计与防通道门压力振动的扰流器新设计。

The Company Strojírna Litvínov spol. s r.o. performed for us a complete wind tunnel technology.

Cooperation with Strojírna arranged perfectly. They were open to suggestions and changes. They reacted to the problems resulting from the constuction schedule. They were very creative and supported Innovative solutions. Staff were very professional in their activities.

The technology offered by the Strojírna is very good. They offer modern technological solutions. After a few months of operation, the tunnel works perfectly. Service operates at a high level.

I would recommend the Strojírna Litvínov spol. s r.o. as an excellent partner in the constructions wind tunnel technology.

Gary Ginsburg,<br />Managing Director