Cutting and bending

Cutting and bending

Dimensions are in mm

Machine Park

NEO BLS-NF fiber laser

power 6000W
max. dimension of metal sheet 6050 x 2125
steel 25
stainless 20
aluminium 20
cooper, brass, alloy 8

Press brake APHS 61440

power 4400kN (440t)
max. lenght of metal sheet 6100
opening 570
extra loading 750
passage between sidewall 5100

Sheet bending machine DURMA HRB-4 2025

max. width of sheet 2050
Bending power of sheet 25
Average of upper cylinder 330
Number of cylinder 4

Sheet bending machine DURMA HRB-4 3006

max. width of sheet 3100
Bending power of sheet 6
Number of cylinder 4

Profile bending roll DURMA PBH 125

Rollers for tubes, profiles and angles, varying according to the type of roll profile.

Band Saw TMJ PP 362GA

Scissors DURMA SBT 3006

Lenght of shear 3100
Metal sheet thickness 450N/mm²max. 6
Metal sheet thickness 700N/mm²max. 4